Top 6 Luxury Wedding Invitation Themes For Your Big Fat Wedding

A wedding is the most significant and a life-changing experience for everyone and therefore, we start preparing for it months in advance. From deciding the venue, attire to designing an invitation, we want everything to be done perfectly. Designing the perfect wedding invitation that can delight your guests is a crucial part of any wedding preparation.

We have some distinctive and premium wedding invitation themes that will add grace to your event.

List of Top 6 Luxury Wedding Invitation Themes

1. Regal and Time Honoured:



Regal and Time Honoured:

We all are head-over-heels in love with Isha Ambani’s royal wedding invitation and without any doubt it is our dream wedding invitation. You can also get your own Ambani’s inspired royal wedding invitation customized for your big fat wedding from us. Royal invitations are mostly inspired from the Mughal or Rajwada palaces and the most common motifs that are used for these invitations are peacock and elephant. You can add pastel color to your theme if you want to design a subtle yet graceful wedding invite.

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2. Divine Blessings:


Divine Blessings:

Wedding is an auspicious occasion; therefore religious-themed wedding invitations are made to unite the feeling of devotion and pass on your sentiments in a suitable way. You can add an idol of Lord Ganesha to your wedding card along with some delicious treats or you can add the images of Lord Ganesha to your wedding card. These unique wedding invitations can be made in a box, thal or platter.

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3. Contemporary and Classy:


Contemporary and Classy

Anyone who is looking for an elegant and unique wedding invitation should go for a contemporary theme. You can add a wine holder along with stunning wine glasses to your wedding invite. It will not only look classy and premium, but also, your guests will surely adore this offbeat concept. You can also go for an acrylic invitation card to add an aesthetic look to your luxury wedding invitation.

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4. Pastel Paradise:


Pastel Paradise:

If you are looking for a minimalistic and classic wedding invitation, then you should go for a pastel-colored themed wedding invitation. Pastel colors add a sophisticated and elegant element to your invitation while making it look unique. In order to enhance the look of graceful invitation, you can add floral motifs to it. This subtle yet alluring theme will definitely delight your guests.

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5. Geometric:



Geometric-themed wedding invitations are always a good idea. If you want your wedding invitation to look simple yet exquisite, you can always go for a geometric theme. Different shapes and sharp lines add an edge to the wedding invitation and give it a modern look. Adding gold foil to the wedding invite will give it a more luxurious and offbeat look.

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6. Floral Charm:


Floral Charm

Floral theme never fails to impress. Flowers on a wedding invitation always stand out and add an elegant touch to it. Blossoms on any wedding invitation theme enhances the look of the invitation. You can add flowers to a traditional themed wedding invitation or a modern themed wedding invitation.

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