12 Unique Luxury Gift Ideas To Send Along With Your Wedding Invitation.

If you are looking for some unique and premium gifting options to send along with your wedding invitation, you are at the right place. We have some exquisite wedding gift ideas that will surely surprise your guests and make your wedding a big hit.

List of Top12 Unique Luxury Gift Ideas

1.Wedding Concept  

Wedding concept peacock box

Impress your guests with this unusual gift set consisting of a finely crafted peacock motif box, a pair of alluring napkin rings, and a pair of stunning flutes.

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2. Set of 2 Enamel Boxes

Set of 2 Enamel Boxes

Make your luxury wedding invitation more graceful by gifting your guest toothsome assortments in this extraordinarily designed Set of 2 Enamel Boxes.

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3. Set of 2 Bowls

Set of 2 Bowls

Crafted with perfection, this set of 2 Bowls will surely enhance the look of your guest’s table. You can add appetizing treats to these bowls to make your wedding invitation look more graceful.

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4. Set of 2 Royal Elephants and Tea light

Sheerly magnificent decorative, magnanimously embellished with beautifully colored, finely detailed and finished to perfection, this set of 2 royal elephants and tea light will add a royal touch to your wedding invitation.

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5. Set of 2 Candle Stand and Jewellery Box

Gift your guests this majestic set of 2 candle holders and jewellery box and watch them be delighted. This set will add an aesthetic touch to your guest’s house.

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6. Laddoo Box with Lid

Laddoo Box with Lid

Created with keen eye for detail, this alluring creation in silver will surely catch the attention of your guests.

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7. Family of 3 Servers

Family of 3 Servers

An ideal and thoughtful gift to tag along with your wedding invitation. This gift will elevate your guest’s dining experience.

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8. Multipurpose Silver Plated Basket

Multipurpose Silver Plated Basket

Indian Wedding Invitations are incomplete without mouth-watering dessert. Grab your guest’s attention by gifting them delicious desserts in this exquisite multipurpose basket along with your wedding invite.

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9. Peacock wine holder

Are you tired of usual boring wedding gifts? This offbeat and stunning Peacock wine holder will definitely surprise your guests and will make your wedding invitation unforgettable.

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10. Dotted Lord Ganesha Idol

Wedding is a significant phase of life; thus it is important to begin it with the blessings of Lord Ganesha. This alluring idol of Lord Ganesha will add a heavenly ambiance to your guest’s home.

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11. Leaf Platter

Are you looking for a useful wedding gift for your guests? Gift delicious treats along with the wedding invitation in our splendid and delicately crafted leaf platter that the guests can later use for serving and decor purposes.

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12. Nariyal Kalash/Coin Kalash

The Magnificent Nariyal Kalash/Coin Kalash is the elixir of life, and viewed as a symbol of abundance, wisdom and immortality. This unique and graceful creation will surely add charm to your guest’s home.

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