33 Best Wedding Gift Ideas By Momentz

Choosing a perfect wedding gift can be a huge and tiring task. You have been looking for multiple options and still don’t find the right and perfect wedding gift for the couple. A wedding gift has to match the preferences of the bride and groom but every individual has a different set of opinions and preferences.

Usually, people start their search by visiting a nearby departmental store or a big mall. But most of the time they don’t have any idea what they are looking for. They either end up buying something expensive but maybe the product doesn’t add value to the concept of ‘best wedding gift’. 

When your search for the best wedding gift ideas, either you are extremely close to the bride or the groom or both of them, you will able to surprise them with your gift. They appreciate and remember it forever.

Find the Best and Unique Wedding Gift for ‘Love Birds’ Who are About to Tie the Knot

1- 6-In-1 Candle Stand

The first thing come into the mind while purchasing a gift for newlywed couples is love or romance. This 6-in-1 candle stand can make ignite their love for each more and it makes a memorable gift.

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2- Medium Gold Chariot


It’s elegant, strong and unique. Impress the newlywed with this premium and royal wedding gift.

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3- Peacock glasses

A beauty newlywed couple deserve. Couple can enjoy the toast with this unique and luxurious wedding gift. They will cherish this gift to every anniversary in the future.

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4- Vase (Rose Gold)

If you are wishing to gift newly married couple something that will stand out in premium wedding gifts then this Vase can be an elegant gift.

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5- Color Flower Jewellery Box

If you are planning a premium wedding gift for the bride then this color flower jewellery box will catch your attention. She will like it.

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6- Golden Cutwork Photo Frame

Both the bride and groom will cherish their wedding day memories by displaying photographs. This golden cutwork photo frame comes with a sleek and immaculate finish.

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7- Parrot Wine Holder

When couple simply wants to enjoy a glass of wine. This Parrot Wine Holder makes will ‘hold’ their loving memories forever.

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8- Rose Gold Photo Album

You cannot go wrong with this one. A royal photo album to relish special memories of their life, from engagement to wedding day and reception.

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9- Silver Color Sitting Ganesha

What could be a better divine wedding gift for newlywed couple. They can start their ‘new’ journey of life with the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

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10- Golden Heart Shape Ring Box

Newlyweds will celebrate the bond of marriage with this heart shape ring box. A beautifully designed premium wedding gift.

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11- White Marble Decoration Piece

Newlywed couple can decorate with home with this glorious white marble decoration piece. This luxurious wedding gift can their room even more beautiful.


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12 – Flower Vase

A premium wedding gift that can make their evenings more romantic. This flower vase can blossom for years to come.

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13 – Golden Amber Glasses

This royal wedding gift will elevate their newlywed celebrations. They will treasure their special moments for years to come.

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14 – Luxurious Tea Cups And Saucers

Rejoice the couple wedding with this luxurious tea cup and saucers set. This will remember you when tea will be served to them.

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15 - Set Of 2 Ecasa White Glass Bowl

If the lovely couple love the desserts then this makes a perfect wedding gift for them. They relish and enjoy every scoop with this set of 2 Ecasa white glass bowl set.

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16 - Jewel Box Crystal Line

If you are looking for premium jewellery box for the lovely couple. Then, it will be a perfect wedding gift. Bride you store some precious gems in this luxurious jewellery box and you will be delighted by giving such elegant gift.

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17 - 2-In-1 Photo Frame Crystal Line

Every picture is special for wedding couple. Gift them a luxury gift which they can freeze their beautiful moments in a single frame. This crystal line photoframe comes with an immaculate finish and look.

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18 -Wedding Keepsake Box

Newlywed will cherish the special keepsakes from their wedding by storing them in this box dedicated to celebrating their importance, featuring a silver finish that sparkles and gorgeous details on the lid.

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19 – Wedding Certificate Holder

This premium and unique wedding gift represents love by holding it in phenomenal design. It features with pedestals and a pair of wedding rings engraved at the center.

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20 – Ring Design Photo Frame

Celebrate the matrimonial bond of lovely couple and let the them capture their beautiful moment with this gorgeous ring design photo frame.

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21 - Shimmer Golden Bowl

Serve love with this golden bowl for newlywed. It a premium choice of wedding gift. The lovely couple will relish delicious dishes and enjoy great moments together.

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22 – Heart Rectangle Box


This luxury wedding gift will remain in lovely couple hearts for a long-time. Gift them heart rectangle box and they will store fond memories in it.

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23 – Luxury Musical Box

Add music in the lives of lovely couple. This luxurious musical box adorned with detailed engravings, makes it a perfect musical wedding gift.

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24 – Red Colorful Premium Box

Newlywed will cherish this sleek in design luxurious box with splash of red colour, makes it perfect wedding gift. Gift them a colourful which holds a special place.

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25 – Golden Leaf

Celebrate and ornate newlywed couple with this golden leaf premium wedding gift. It’s a unique which will be remembered forever.

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26 – 15 Flames Candle Stand

Light up the memorable moments of newlyweds with this unforgettable wedding gift. This timeless beauty will shed glorious light on their romantic evenings.

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27 – Radha Krishan Matt Finishing

Bless the lovely couple with this Radha Krishan matt finished sculpture. This wedding gift is a perfect choice for those who believe in a timeless bond.

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28 – Running Horses Scenery

This majestic masterpiece painting captures the essence of the equine. Lovely couple can flaunt this precious gift for a long period of time. This classic running horse’s spectacle on a plank metal solid frame.

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29 – Set of Wine Glasses


This gift will bring cheers to their grand celebrations. An exclusive and unmatched gift packed in solid boxes make the celebrations come alive.

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30 – Our Engagement Photo Frame

Celebrate the wedding and let the lovely couple cherish moments of love by showcasing the special memories from their engagement to wedding with this alluring silver photo frame. It is the perfect addiction to their interiors.

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31 - Big Thal With Handle Flower Design

 Celebrate the big-fat wedding with this tempting silver thal comes with flower design. A luxurious gift to newlyweds.

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32 - Peacock MOP Box

If you are looking for premium gift for the bride then this shimmering curvaceous box engraved with a peacock motif is suitable for keeping jewellery and cosmetics.

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33 - Matt Ganesha

Bless the lovely couple with divine blessing of Lord Ganesha. This Matt Ganesha is an exclusive gift for newlyweds.

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Finding The Best Wedding Present for Couples   

Weddings presents are destined to be special and unique. They need to create some space in newlywed’s hearts if you are close to them. You need to differentiate first while choosing a perfect and luxurious wedding gift. First, you need to segregate – what should you be searching for, is it for your friend or is it for your relatives? You need to have some answers before beginning your search for wedding gift ideas. 

Likes & Dislikes of Wedding Gifts for Brides

Every individual is unique and he/she has personal likes and dislikes. This is very important while selecting a wedding gift. It will be good if you make a list or select some categories before finalizing the gift. If you are invited to their engagement, wedding and reception then you have to plan well. You also have the idea of couples dislikes and likes if you know this then it is easier to pick and they cherish it for years to come. 

Personalized Gifts For Wedding Couples

If you are looking for something unique or handmade or you are willing to personalize for them. Personalized wedding gifts are incredible options for a newlywed couple. They can impress the couple and they will remember it for life. As personalized gifts have always found some special bonding. But, before selecting a personalized wedding gift, be careful with spellings of their respective names and how they plan to be addressed. They won’t like it if something is incorrect. 

 Theme Of The Wedding

Most of the time it’s really exciting to find something special that goes with the theme of the wedding, even if you are the bride or groom or you are finalizing a gift for both of them. It becomes a unique keepsake that allows your loved ones to look at it and cherish the memories forever. 

 Quality Is The Key - Momentz

You never want to go for some cheap gifts when it comes to wedding celebrations and gifting. You can go to numerous places to find the perfect options for gifting. Quality has to be a priority for you. If you choose low-quality stuff just to impress someone then it can backfire. As lower quality products don’t have any long life and it can tarnish your image. 

When it comes to our weddings, we like them to be huge and impressive. People spend a lot of days and weeks looking for the best wedding gift to match the grandiosity of the affair. Indians want their wedding to be impressive and grand and to ensure this, we go to heights and breadths looking for the best and luxurious wedding gift. We spend a considerable amount to shop premium and quality gifts. Hence, we should put a little more effort and finalize a perfect wedding gift for the lovely couple.