21 Best Wedding Return Gift Ideas


The celebrations of your luxurious wedding are about to end and you are looking ahead to buying a perfect return wedding gift. Indian weddings are the festivities of a lifetime. But, after all the fun and exciting activities for newlywed couples, now the question is, what can be the best wedding return gift for guests and relatives? You want to make your wedding a memorable affair and when the guests bring your return gift home, they will be remembering your gifts as a token of an unforgettable love-affair.

There is a lot of planning and preparations that take place before the wedding. You have to arrange a luxurious wedding hall, get your lehenga and suit other things in order, finalize the songs and the choreographer to make your wedding a grand luxurious affair. When everything is done, now it’s time for a perfect wedding return gift. You put a lot of thoughts and research because you want them to take back more than a memory. You want to give them a token of appreciation and a way to thank your guests for their participation in your celebrations of a lifetime.

The best wedding return gift idea is what you need here. This will be a token of your gratitude and happiness to them for being present and celebrating with you at your wedding. Now, let’s jump into the most thoughtful and fancy wedding return gift ideas that will surely impress your relatives.

Gifting is a challenging task in India, and sometimes people spend too much time finalizing a unique but perfect wedding return gift.

List of 21 Wedding Return Gift Ideas That You Can Buy

1-Peacock Flutes With Napkin Rings



If you are looking to impress your guests and break the barriers of age-old return gifts then you are at the right place. These peacock flute wine glasses with napkin rings make them a must-have on your list.

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2- Horse With 5pcs Candy Bowl Silver


If you are looking for something classy and silver then choose this. A silver candy bowl with horse makes it look royal and unique. Your guests will cherish this gift and remember you for a long-time.

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3- Lying Ganesh On Peacock

Wedding is blissful love-affair. People tend to look for some divine and impressive return gifts. If you are searching for something like that then this is it. Lord Ganesha lying on peacock makes a beautiful return gift for your guests.

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4- Rath Dry Fruit Box Deluxe Box

If you are looking the combination of something beautiful, traditional and luxurious then you have found the right gift.

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5- Royal Red Sugar Pot

Express your love and affection with this token of sweetness. This attractive and cute royal red sugar pot. Leave a sweet note to guests so that they can think of a memorable gift.

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6- Set of 2 Sugar Bowl Golden

When they serve anything in it, they will remember your love. This set of 2 golden sugar bowl makes a perfect statement of your gratitude.

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7- Silver Vase

If you are really to ‘blossom’ your gift, Silver vase is the perfect match of luxury and class. This vase will make their floral arrangements more beautiful and gorgeous. A classic return gift which will enhance the beauty their home décor.

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8- Sofa Ganesha

You have started your beautiful journey, together. Make your guests’ new beginnings with the essence of blessings from Lord Ganesha.

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9- Golden Abstract Photo Frame

You have captured your wedding’s beautiful moments, now gift your guests a masterpiece that they will cherish their memories with your, forever.

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10- 4-In-1 Nut Bowl With Handle

This Italian finesse exhibits stellar texture and polish. It catches their attention the moment they will unpack it. A unique and premium return gift.

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11- Round Golden Tray

You have witnessed the golden moments of your life when you say ‘I do’. Now, make your guests’ moments golden with this round golden tray.

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12 - Diamond Cut Set Of 2 Gold Whisky Glasses

Cheers to life! They will elevate their beverages with exquisitely crafted designs for memorable moments.

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13 - Round Marble Pattern Box

Elegance with beauty! Impress your guests with this elegant round marble pattern box. They can use it to store their trinkets or gifts and cherish them.

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14 – Design Fruit Platter

This gift will elevate offerings and they place offering in this heart. Watch your guests come together over delicious treats. This silver tray bowl, a timeless oval design. 

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15 - Ribbon Box

Unbox happiness! Your guest will enjoy and surprise with this gift. It’s not less than jewellery and it symbolizes fineness. It is also something that looks beautiful, once that the guest will start using.

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16 - Golden Plain Tray

Gold is precious. You can give your guests a simple yet elegant gift.

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17 – Vintage Mugs

This is classic. A pair of stunning glasses designed with a silver handle and base that will add and of refined glasses.

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18 - Set Of 2 Rectangle Boxes

This gift will spruce up the look and feel of your guests’ tables. The sharp edges of the box joining the lattice pattern to form an exquisite and stunning design of style.

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19 - Blue Sugar Pot

It’s magnificent! This makes this a noble gift – an object of art nestles in impressive casing.

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20 - Golden Bird Bowl

This will catch the attention of your guests. A charming dish makes for a unique wat to serve. With a dainty golden bird delicately perched on the edge of a silver bowl on a pedestal – make this is a hard to miss.

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21 - Family Of 3 Servers

This is spectacular! Perfectly crafted set of servers are the perfect way to offer an assortment of edible delights. An elevated gold pedestal with a bowl on top in a silver finish, this unique design is sure to delight.

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