Ram Darbar Square Base

SKU: MZ21730

Rs. 19,250.00

Embark on a spiritual journey with our captivating Ram Darbar Square Base sculpture. Vibrant colors and phenomenal craftsmanship converge in this glorious rendition, invoking divine blessings and radiating sacred energy. Each intricately designed figure within the Ram Darbar tells a timeless story of devotion and righteousness, capturing the essence of Lord Ram's divine presence. Whether as a centerpiece in your prayer room or as a symbol of reverence in your living space, this masterpiece brings an aura of tranquility and grace. Experience the power of divine connection with Momentz.

For Decorative products that are lacquered, a frequent mild dusting with a soft cloth should suffice to maintain tarnish-free surface for a long time

Normal Delivery takes upto 3-5 business days tp get delivered.

Note:- The Estmiated Delivery Time Might Vary During Festival Period.

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