Lord Ganesha 2500 Ex

SKU: 1206300

Rs. 1,450,000.00

Lalique celebrates Ganesh: God of wisdom, knowledge, fine arts and success. Depicted with a human appearance and the head of an elephant, he is the symbol of benevolent power. The guardian of the home and destroyer of any spiritual or material obstacles, Ganesh is called upon for the undertaking of any task for his power ensures success in all ventures. Ganesh is foremost in the pantheon of Hindu Gods as the most favourable of all deities. He is worshipped by people all over India and praised in private houses. Prosperous and omnipresent, Ganesh imposes his majestic and portly stature on a pedestal decorated with lotus and the protective mouse. The beauty of design and richness of detail are enhanced by the manual work of Lalique crystal which illuminates a soothing light.

For Decorative products that are lacquered, a frequent mild dusting with a soft cloth should suffice to maintain tarnish-free surface for a long time

Normal Delivery takes upto 3-5 business days tp get delivered.

Note:- The Estmiated Delivery Time Might Vary During Festival Period.

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