Top 10 Diwali Gifts Online 2024

Diwali is just around the corner!

This year we have Diwali on 1st November

One of the most widely celebrated festivals in the world, it is known as the "Festival Of Light" for good reasons.


diwali gifts



It is a divine festival that transcends regional and religious boundaries. 

It is a celebration of the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil.


Diwali is also closely woven with the tradition of luxury gifting.

The act of giving and receiving premium gifts during Diwali holds deep cultural and emotional significance, reflecting the spirit of sharing, love and goodwill.

At Momentz, we believe in enriching your festive experience.

Which is why we have listed the Top 10 Diwali Gifts Online for you!


Laxmi Ganesha (Colored)

This colored Laxmi Ganesha captures the essence of Diwali with its vibrant hues and good fortune. A perfect luxury Diwali Gift for 2024.


Laxmi Ganesha


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Ganesh Ji Porcelain Golden Finishing — Colored

Bring home this beautiful Ganesh Ji on the auspicious festival of Diwali this season.

The presence of God illuminates the darkness and showers blessings upon us.


Ganesh Ji


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Set Of 3 Sugar Pot With Silver Round Tray

Another premium gift on the list is this Ornate Sugar Pot with Tray.

A magnificent centerpiece that boasts the spirit of Diwali.

Charm your guests with this exclusive Diwali gift!


suagr pot with silver round tray


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Round Tray With 4 Sugar Pots

This ornate gift item is reminiscent of old times due to its

carefully sculpted and detailed floral pattern and a silver structured top.

Which makes it a perfect Diwali Gift for 2024. Bless your loved ones this festive season with this beautiful centerpiece!


Sugar pot with round tray


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Square Enamel Tray — Peach

Glorious in its opulence,

this gorgeous premium gift boasts a square design with scalloped edges.

Add it to your collection of premium gifts for this Diwali!


sweets and cookies tray


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Oval Tray With 2 Bowl & Spoon — Dual Tone

Elegance redefined.

This luxury gift is an ode to the Kings and Queens,

who valued the art of intricacy and elegance.

An extravagant Diwali Gift for 2024!


elegant dry fruit server


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Candle Stand Set of 3 + Jewellery Box — Sky Blue

Designed to illuminate and bring prosperity into your home this Diwali.

This beautifully sculpted Candle Stand and Jewellery Box elevate your celebrations and make your treasured moments more special. 

A for sure Top 3 Diwali Gift for 2024!


Candle stand and jewellery box


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3 in 1 Server Set With Handle — Silver

Crafter with Silver with the finish that will sparkle for years to come.

Serve your guests with this fine server set to delight them everytime. 


dry fruit server


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Water Glasses Amber — Set of 6

Introducing another premium luxury gifting item for this Diwali. 

Charm your guests with the same!


Amber water glasses


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Water Glasses Gold — Set of 6

Introducing our exquisite Gold Water Glass Set, a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality that will elevate your dining experience to new heights.

A classy item to gift your loved ones this Diwali!


gold water glasses


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Momentz has a strong foothold

in the premium gifts industry. 

These are all unique, elegant and classy gift items to gift your loved ones this Diwali season. 

From God idols to a whole other range of luxury gifts.

Elevate your festive season with Momentz from 2024 and onwards!


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