Dry fruit trays- An ideal gift for all occasions

Almonds, cashews, pistachios, and raisins are not just good for health but ideal gift for any occasion. And when you gift all of these in nice dry fruit trays, healthy goodies look even more attractive and alluring. We are well aware that these days the ones that are able to market their products the best are the winners in the market. As such, you will find unique presentation and packaging concepts that were quite unheard of or not seen in the yesteryears or even a couple of years ago. In this short write up, let us see how the dry fruit trays have evolved over the years in terms of look, cost, and presentation.


Presentation and packaging

Unlike the stereotyped ones that we were used to seeing even a few years ago, trays are available in varying shapes and styles now. Earlier rectangle shaped boxes were available that were made of cardboard with silver paper or cardboard coating on the top. However, over the years, every compartment in the tray is of a different shape. Other shapes that are mostly seen nowadays include oval, square, star shaped, heart shaped, and handcrafted boxes with a slight depth.


Pricing of dry fruit trays

The cost of each box is different depending on how much dry fruit each compartment contains. Also, the cost may not be the same in all shops. Cost also differs on the size. If you buy bigger dry fruits trays, the cost will be more and vice versa. Alternatively, you will also find boxes that will contain only one type of dry fruit. You can mix and match the dry fruits. For instance, you can choose to gift only cashews and pistachios or pistachio and almonds. There are many such vendors that will allow you to customize the trays containing dry fruits.


Shopping for the trays online and from stores

Regardless of the distance between you and your loved one, you can have one of these trays delivered at the doorstep. All you have to do is visit the website of the vendor or the online store from where you want to buy the gift and shop online and get it delivered at the address of your friend or family. Alternatively, there are many such stores in town and you can visit these stores and pick up a favorite tray that looks appealing. Wrap it up in a gift wrapper and carry it along when you visit your friend’s place.